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Deezer reviewed Evan Brum and the Royal High's latest EP The Loneliest Rose for their On The Radar feature for May 13, 2015:

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"Evan Brum and the Royal High never miss an opportunity to pound a beat into your brain. The Loneliest Rose, their recent release, opens E.P. petals on its opening track of shifting seaside bar sand with the Asbury Park rock’n’roll of “Couldn’t Hear You Knocking”. A local salvation band backs a street corner singer who takes “Photograph from Home” and snaps the heartache. Evan Brum and the Royal High float their songs up and spin them around your head with a solid rhythm section to keep the tracks in line as they follow percussion and strums down a jangly rabbit hole draped with “Symphony in Red”, continue to trip with acid chords and psyche cleansing beats in a Santana guitar sunset for “Seascape”, and busk into a sturdy force that barrels and struts to celebrate “Winner”. The Loneliest Rose shares its title track with a sad café accordion that gets a meaty backing for the flowers attempt to ‘break the vines around her heart’."